Receiving this error means that it is likely that your Windows .NET configuration has become corrupted preventing Replay Media Catcher from opening. Usually deleting Replay Media Catcher's configuration folder will resolve the problem enough to run the application. But sometimes a repair of .NET on your machine is also necessary. Follow these steps in order, until the problem resolves allowing you to open Replay Media Catcher:


  1. Delete the Replay Media Catcher configuration folder. Here is the folder location based on your version of Windows. Please note that you may have to turn on hidden files and folders in order to view this location: 

    In Windows XP delete this folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Local Settings\Application Data\Jaksta_Technologies_Pty_Ltd

    In Windows Vista or Windows 7 delete this folder:
  2. Uninstall Replay Media Catcher 
  3. Re-Boot your computer
  4. Re-install Replay Media Catcher 
  5. Open Replay Media Catcher. If you no longer receive the error you can stop here. If the error remains or the above folder location is not present on your system, then the lower level configuration system in Windows is corrupt and requires a repair or reinstallation of the .NET Framework. Uninstall Replay Media Catcher, and then follow the remaining steps below.
  6. This article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base explains how to repair an existing installation of the .NET Framework:

    The article above references getting a download of the .NET Framework. You can obtain that from this page:

    If you'd prefer to manually remove and then install .NET, here are some instructions:
  7. Once you've followed all of the steps from the article on repairing the .NET framework, re-boot your computer. 
  8. Re-install Replay Media Catcher. It should now open properly.