There could be a few reasons that Replay Media Catcher cannot download from a certain site:

It's possible that the site does not support segmented HTTP progressive downloads correctly. To do a straight download set the number of segments to 1 so a normal (slower) download is done. Here’s how:

1.      Click Tools > Settings then expand HTTP Download Tweaks

2.       Set Max number of segments to 1.

3.       Change it back to 5 when dealing with the sites that respond correctly


The site may be streaming FLV’s with a content type of content/unknown or unknown/unknown. Try adding each of these content types to Replay Media Catcher's settings. Here's how:


  1. Click Tools > Settings then expand HTTP Download Tweaks
  2. In the Content Type/File Extensions section (at the top), click the Add button.
  3. For Content Type type unknown/unknown
  4. For File Extension type FLV
  5. Test if the problematic site will download now. If not, perform steps 1-4 again, but type content/unknown as the Content Type.



The content is encrypted. Replay Media Catcher cannot download encrypted streams.


Some RTMP streams won't allow subsequent resumes of a stream so in this case, you'd switch on RTMP Recording and switch off the Resume feature. These settings are found in Tools - Settings - RTMP Download Tweaks.